Shiona Anklebiter, Fighter

Shiona wasn't always an anklebiter, though it was probably in her blood and she never knew it.

She'd lived with Granny Took just outside the Old Forest for a long time. Granny Took had been something of an oddity herself, living alone on the edge of the Forest, cultivating Old Toby pipeweed and selling it in Bree and other far off places. So Shiona was already well travelled when she moved to Michel Delving, and well used to the company of Dwarves, Humans and Elves.

Maybe that's why she could never settle and found herself now, years later, crouching on top of the snow-clad hills overlooking the Ettenmoors, keeping a wary look out for Orcs while she worked to heal an unfortunate (and pretty stupid) young dwarf who obviously thought he could take on a whole warg-pack single handed.

So much had happened since she left the Shire. So many adventures, battles won and lost, new friends made and old friends gone, some forever. This is the story of Shiona's journey through Middle Earth.

Just a scrapbook of hastily thrown together memories in no particular order, jumbled together and bulging at the seams - much like one of her kit-bags really.......

8 Feb 2010

5. StoutnSturdy

Shiona stood outside the Ivy Bush Inn at Hobbiton, wondering whether to go in.

The sound of a horse galloping up to the stables behind her snapped her out of her wonderings and she turned round to see a distinguished looking Elf approaching the Inn.
The Elf stopped and studied Shiona’s badge with curious interest. “You coming in then?” she enquired, grinning slightly.
Shiona noticed the Elf was sporting a similar badge to her own “I will in a minute” She mumbled nervously.
“See you inside then,” said the Elf brightly as she disappeared through the door.

After a few more minutes dithering, Shiona took a deep breath and entered. In the far corner, she could make out the Elf joining a group of figures. One figure, a Dwarf in a very audacious hat, rose to greet the Elf with a wave of his tankard. “Somara!” he said, “take a seat!” He sat himself back down on the chair with a flourish but overbalanced and chair and dwarf toppled backwards, much to the merriment of those around. Shiona stifled a giggle and waited for the dwarf to compose himself before approaching the group.
The chuckles and laughter gradually subsided as one by one, pairs of interested eyes turned to look at the newcomer “Oh Glory,” Shiona thought to herself “I don’t think this was such a good idea….”

Clearing her throat nervously, she addressed the now silent group. “I’m looking for someone by the name of Radi Redbeard” she said.
“Ah, well that would be me!” said the big-hat dwarf as he made to get up from his chair.
“No please, don’t get up!” said Shiona earnestly “I wouldn’t want you falling off the chair again!” The party erupted into laughter once more and Shiona felt her cheeks redden. “I didn’t mean, I mean, I didn’t..well..I just meant….oh my……” her words fell away and she stood staring anxiously at the floor.
“It’s these Shire-made chairs” said Radi with a grin. “They can’t take the weight, you see. Built for little ones such as yourself, they are”

“I’m NOT a lit….” Shiona started to say, but thought better of it. “I mean, my friend Fielanor asked me to find you and make myself known to you. So here I am” She looked round the gathered company again. “I um, I’m likely to be off travelling again soon and she said that you said that well, I shouldn’t do it alone. Though I don’t know how you’re supposed to know where you’re going if I don’t know myself, if you see what I mean. I mean, well, I’m not..”

“Whoah lass!” chuckled Radi. “You’ve lost me already. Yes, I remember Fielanor. Pull up a chair and start again from the beginning. Gorgrim, go get the lass a drink – nothing too strong mind, till we know she can hold her liquor” There was another roar of laughter from the group and the dwarf who’d been sat beside Radi got up and headed to the bar.

Feeling a lot less nervous and a lot more relieved, Shiona took the tankard from Gorgrim and had a drink. “Water?” she said enquiringly. Gorgrim winked “For now” he said. “Now then lass, from the top……………”


  1. Very good Shiona, very well told and captures a typical scene in the Ivy, very nicely!

  2. It wasn't a lot different to that when I first had to meet you lot in game - I was already in SnS by then but hadn't gropued with anyone so I got invited to one of the Ivy nights. I was also playing Fielanor but it happened the same way - I hung about for ages outside (I'd never RP'd before) and then got caught out when Somara arrived so I HAD to go in..........That was scary. Scarier than Orcses in the Ettenmoors, even.