Shiona Anklebiter, Fighter

Shiona wasn't always an anklebiter, though it was probably in her blood and she never knew it.

She'd lived with Granny Took just outside the Old Forest for a long time. Granny Took had been something of an oddity herself, living alone on the edge of the Forest, cultivating Old Toby pipeweed and selling it in Bree and other far off places. So Shiona was already well travelled when she moved to Michel Delving, and well used to the company of Dwarves, Humans and Elves.

Maybe that's why she could never settle and found herself now, years later, crouching on top of the snow-clad hills overlooking the Ettenmoors, keeping a wary look out for Orcs while she worked to heal an unfortunate (and pretty stupid) young dwarf who obviously thought he could take on a whole warg-pack single handed.

So much had happened since she left the Shire. So many adventures, battles won and lost, new friends made and old friends gone, some forever. This is the story of Shiona's journey through Middle Earth.

Just a scrapbook of hastily thrown together memories in no particular order, jumbled together and bulging at the seams - much like one of her kit-bags really.......

4 Feb 2010

1. The parting of the ways

Shiona stared glumly at her half-eaten mushroom pie and pushed it to one side. “But why do you have to leave so soon, Fielanor? It’s been so long since I last saw you and you’ve barely been here long enough for us to catch up on everything!”
“It’s a wonder we found each other at all, Shiona. I’d heard you were travelling through the Lonelands so I’d not expected to see you here of all places” said Fielanor. The young Elf gazed around at the comfortable little hobbit hole that she and Shiona now shared in the Shire. Apart from an uncompromisingly low ceiling, it provided a cheerful safe haven and the furnishings Shiona had sought out for Fielanor’s room reminded her of her childhood.

“Where did you find that red vase, with the rushes in?” she asked.
Shiona grinned, “Had to go to Duillond to see the Elves for that. It took me ages to find what I wanted so I just had to stay for a few days”. She felt her cheeks redden and dived briefly under the table on the pretext of chasing a stray crumb. “I came back to the Shire for a rest. Anyway, you’re avoiding the question” said a muffled voice from somewhere near Fielanor’s feet "Why do you have to leave right now?” Shiona asked as she resurfaced, brushing herself down and straightening her ruffled hair.
Fielanor sighed and studied her diminutive friend.  “ I need to find a particular text and I’m told it’s hidden in the North Downs"
“But I don’t understand” said Shiona “Why is your research more important than what’s happening here and now? There are Ruffians at every corner and Orcs and Goblins have been sighted close to the Shire!"
“I believe that whatever I can learn from the texts is likely to be of even more use to us in the fullness of time” said Fielanor.

Fielanor rose and remembering to duck her head, walked out of the door and gazed out across the village green. Shiona wandered out to join her “See that windmill over there?” said Shiona “The Elf Kyranor lives near there. They say he dances naked but I’ve often looked out that way and yet never seen him.” There was a hint of disappointment in Shiona’s voice.
“Oh really?” laughed Fielanor. “And how many hours, pray, have you been lying in wait in the hope of a sighting?” Shiona felt her cheeks getting hot again. “I can’t help but look,” she said defensively “the green is right ouside the front door and the windmill just beyond. What would you have me do, walk around blindfolded?” She caught Fielanor’s eye and grinned.

Shiona thought for a while, absent-mindedly drawing circles in the dust with her toe. “So I’m to stay in the Shire alone then?” she said. Fielanor turned to her friend “Think on it, Shiona,” she said “The bounders can protect the Shire well enough. You have a stout heart and strong will and have healing skills that should not be restricted to the Shire alone. There is an even greater Evil growing out to the North and East and you need to join with those that would defend us from it”
“You think I should head back to the Lonelands?” Shiona muttered, with a growing sense of unease. “Yes, and beyond” said Fielanor “but you will find company. There are many that travel the roads between Bree and Rivendell."
“We will see each other again, won’t we Fielanor?” said Shiona quietly.
“I’m certain of it, little one” grinned Fielanor.
“Well then take your great brown bear with you too for protection!” said Shiona impishly “He’s been causing a bit of a stir with the neighbours – and that crow as well, if you don’t mind – and DON’T call me little one”
“It’s a Raven,” laughed Fielanor “and yes, they’ll be coming with me. Well, my friend, it’s time for me to depart . Tenna’ ento lye omenta, Shiona” she said as she turned away.

Shiona stood in the lane a while, watching her friend disappear into the distance “Vanya Sulie, Fielanor” she murmered.

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